Australia the Land of the Long Weekend

In Australia the land of the long weekend
We’ll have a go at the latest trend
Spend our week thinking of a way
To plan a fun filled holiday
Sports of all sorts is our go
High in the sky or in the water below
If a mate can’t think of what to do –
Give your mate a hand

1. The great outdoors is the place to be
There’s plenty out there to do
Riding a bike – take a hike
Or paddle your own canoe
Go with your mum for a walk in the park
Help dad with a barbeque
Check out sights in the city you love
You could even try the zoo

2. Games with balls are fun for all
Here’s a few that we have found
Tennis, cricket – football
Be it oval or just round
Big or small – the choice is yours
There’s squash, golf or netball
There are games for people young or old
Be they short or be they tall

3. Water sports in our sunny land
Are popular through the year
Surfing, diving, water skis
Don’t forget your scuba gear
Even if you cannot swim
There is no need to fear
Turn your TV on at night
And lead the Olympic cheer

4. Sport is not for everyone
Some people like to cook
Walk around a gallery
Of art to take a look
Lazing in a boat all day
And catch a fish on a hook
Lie in the sun with your sunscreen on
And read your favourite book

5. Take a chance have a go
We Aussies love a dare
At the casino we’ll lose the lot
By betting on a pair
Bungee jumping, climbing rocks
If there’s a risk we do not care
Whether it’s a dollar on a horse each way
Or falling through the air

Hey Rudolph, Turn off your Bright Red Nose

Hey Rudolph turn off your bright red nose
You keep the whole street awake when that big thing glows
If the kids don’t get to sleep they’ll be up when Santa shows

I know Santa needs you to show him the way
And you work for peanuts or should I say hay
But Rudolph please turn down that light
I’ve been working all day to get things right
To make it a special Christmas eve night
And I’m tired

You’ve woken the kids you know that’s wrong
Now they might find out what I’ve known for so long
So Rudolph bury your nose in the ground
The kids are getting up they can hear a sound
I didn’t want them up with Santa around
Please leave

Comet and Cupid are keepin’ it down
Prancer’s seen me in my dressing gown
So Rudolph turn your lights down low
Santa’s comin’ back on tippy toe
He’s been to my house now please will you go

The sun is up it’s Christmas day
But bed’s the place I’m gonna stay
‘Cos Rudolph i didn’t sleep because of you
If there’s one thing next year I’m gonna do
It’s buy a torch for Santa so he won’t need you

Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
With Jesus and Joe and his wife Mary
Let’s join in the fun but remember what Christmas means
God’s Son is born
That’s something to think of on Christmas morn

They’re dancing out in Bethlehem’s streets
The angels are playing a joyful beat
They’re telling the world of the birth of Mary’s boy
The shepherds were jivin’ miles away
When a star showed them Jesus in the hay
This is the day that brings us so much joy

Well out in the east was a three piece band
The Kings heard the news from the Holy Land
So they brought some frankincense some myrrh and gold
And they played their music for the Holy Child
The Holy Family was going wild
And as they sang the stable rocked and rolled

Christmas is alive and well
Santa’s ringing those jingle bells
He ‘s telling the kids their toys are on their way
But remember while you’re rockin on Christmas Eve
With every present that you receive
Jesus is the reason for Christmas Day

Christmas In FairyLand

1. Goldilocks went out on Christmas eve
She found a house she couldn’t leave.
It was the house of the brown bears three
Her dearest friends she’d come to see.
With a present for wee Baby bear
A brand new wooden rocking chair

Wolves and witches dragons and trolls
Join with fairies princes and dolls
Good and bad join hand in hand
On Christmas Day In Fairyland

2. Here comes Little Red Riding Hood
She’s walking through her favourite wood.
For the Big Bad Wolf a big surprise
He gazed upon it with his big brown eyes.
A perfect present for taking a nap
A frilly nightie and a sleeping cap

3. The evil queen wants to start anew.
She visits Snow White and her little crew.
The queen asks them over on Christmas Day.
For Christmas lunch she wants them to stay
She has a recipe she wants them to try.
A special home made apple pie

4. Alice returns to Wonderland,
Carrying presents in her hand
Something special for the Queen Of Hearts
A plate of fresh baked christmas tarts
For White Rabbit there was something great
A brand new watch so he won’t be late

5. Sleeping Beauty has a brand new bed.
The Three Pigs are keeping the wolf well fed.
Cinderella got a comfortable shoe.
Hansel and Gretel a new house to chew.
Now the Fairyland folk give a round of applause
‘Cos here comes jolly old Santa Claus

A Fair Dinkum Aussie Christmas


Its Christmas Eve the sun’s alight
Down at the beach eating Vegemite
No White Christmas Down Under mate
This is Australia and our Christmas is great

1. Frosty the Snowman wouldn’t last too long down here
And Skippy’s taking over from that sweating red nosed deer
Dump the snowsuit Santa mate it’s far too hot for that
Take these speedo boardshorts and this bonza pink sun hat
Forget about those jingle bells take this didgeridoo
Just keep on ho ho hoing and the kids will know it’s you

No snowball fights no eggnog no sleigh rides in the snow
A Fair Dinkum Aussie Christmas is the best thing that I know
Playing cricket in the backyard riding bikes out in the street
A Fair Dinkum Aussie Christmas in the summer is a treat

2. Wouldn’t it be great to wonder even though it isn’t true
That Mary had her Baby Jesus under Uluru
At an old outback sheep station the angels did appear
And the stockmen came to visit to bring some Aussie cheer
And the Southern Cross was the star that shone that special night
And Three Wise Men from Kakadu found this wondrous sight

3. Well it just don’t snow in Australia the sun is shining bright
Singing Carols By Candlelight on a balmy summer’s night
With a barbie on the back porch and a cold tin in my hand
This is Christmas In Australia that Great Southern Land
And singing about White Christmas doesn’t make much sense to me
When we spend our Christmas holidays swimming in the sea

Rise Up People of Jesus

Words and Music Mark Gleeson © 2008

Rise up, people of Jesus
Show the world that He is alive
Show them all that we believe
That He is the Risen Lord

On a Thursday Night they gathered
To share in His sacred Meal
Remember me when I leave you
And this love for you I feel
His friends were lacking Jesus’ strength
They failed him in his need
Jesus calls on us today
Follow Him and succeed


The world had failed to listen
And on that fateful Good Friday
Jesus Christ was crucified
For daring to show the way
His sacrifice was made to show us
How to live each day
Today we need to try our best
To teach the world to pray


They hid our Jesus from the world
He was entombed in a cave
But he rose again on Sunday morn
He had a world to save
With his disciples He left his plan
To pass on to us all
He lives on in our hearts today
We must listen to His call

Sweet Little Jesus

Sweet little Jesus came down from Heaven
He was a gift from God
And he brought to a world of sinners
The gift of undying love

There was a woman her name was Mary
And an angel appeared to her
And he said god has plans for you
You will have his son
You’ll call him Jesus he’ll be the Saviour
The only Son of God
And Mary said with a heart full of joy
Let God’s will be done

Now blessed Mary went to Joseph
To tell him of God’s plan
And he said give me some time to think
For he had a troubled heart
That night an angel appeared to Joseph
And told him not to fear
And so Joseph said to Mary
I’m ready to play my part

They made the journey to Bethlehem
As the prophets said they would
They looked for days for a room to rent
But they found no place to stay
Then finally they saw a stable
With a manger full of hay
And that’s where Mary had baby Jesus
And now we have Christmas day

Throughout the land the glorious news had spread
A new star shone that night
Some humble shepherds were the first to see
That wondrous holy sight
From foreign lands three wise men came
With gifts to honour him
And every year now we should do the same
It is time we got it right

My song version of A Christmas Carol

It wasn’t my best effort musically, but as a poetic ballad that tells the story of Scrooge, I have always liked it. Wrote it in 2000. It was performed as a 9 minute mini musical at the Corpus Christi Christmas Concert. I had two students on flute, two on violin and one bass guitarist accompanying me on guitar. Class made props, backgrounds, costumes, acted out the song.Quite a production. Lost the video recording of it. Pity.









What the Dickens is wrong with you
Scrooge you’ve got no love in you
To get you in the Spirit for Christmas Day
Bah Humbug is all you say
But we’re gonna make you change your ways
To get you in the spirit for Christmas Day

1. Ebenezer Scrooge is my name
Making money is my game
Give to the poor bah what a joke
Be a miser I was taught by a bloke
His name was Marley he was my only friend
We’d sit in a dark and frosty room
With a single light shining through the gloom
Counting up our money til the day would end

2. Poor old Marley now is but a ghost
His money now is mine I have the most
Spend my time counting cash
Eating little more than mash
My scrawny, wrinkly body needs no more
It’s winter now I feel the cold
But for the fire I’ll spare no coal
I save it in a box laying on the floor.      CH.

3. It’s Christmas Eve my Clerk has asked to go
Bob Cratchit is his name a weak fellow
He knocks upon my wooden door
Walks along the creaking floor
“Excuse me sir may I have a holiday?”
Have your wretched Christmas Day
But don’t expect to get your pay
and be back earlier on the following day  CH.

4. It’s home time so my dusty coat I wear
My top hat is upon my head so bare
Upon my door I see a face
It disappears without a trace
I wipe my specs and say I need some sleep
As I prepare to go to bed
Marley rises from the dead
I hide under the sheets and dare not peep

5. Ebenezer hear what I must say
I come to save you on this fateful day
These chains I wear prove we were wrong
With me you surely will belong
Unless you try to change your wicked way
Three spirits will appear tonight
I hope that they can make things right
And make you see the joy of Christmas Day   CH.

6. The Spirit of Christmas Past did visit me
To show me how it used to be
She stood there glowing like the sun
Her flowing white dress like a nun
Her golden locks of hair were out of sight
She waved her wand and grabbed my hand
With that we flew across the land
And finished in the past one Christmas night.

7. We came upon a group of merry folk
And there I saw a quite familiar bloke
He’s the man you used to be
A happy man it’s plain to see
Until you made a choice that was not wise
At that party on Christmas Eve
That gorgeous girl you chose to leave
Instead you took more money as your prize.

8. The Ghost of Christmas Present soon appeared
A jolly fat man with a flowing beard
He put me on his giant back
We flew into the sky so black
His furry nightgown kept me nice and warm
He pointed me towards a view
Of Fred my loving young nephew
Wishing me the best on Christmas Morn.

9. Cratchit’s home was next for us to see
We saw a sickly boy beside the tree
Tiny Tim was his name
He struggled with a walking frame
The family sat around and prayed for him
Bob Cratchit then gave thanks to me
His Christmas spirit was the key
And my heart went out for Tiny Tim  CH.

10. The final Spirit was the one to fear
Christmas Yet to Come was standing near
Appearing in a puff of smoke
He wore a dark unfriendly cloak
To hide a bony frame – a skull his head
I asked about poor Tiny Tim
He showed me dreadful news so grim
Within a few short years young Tim was dead

11. He took me to a graveyard cold and stark
Two men were laughing in the dark
They left behind a lonely tomb
I walked towards it in the gloom
I gazed upon the name and saw my fate
I asked the silent spirit then
Is this the way my life will end
Or could I change before it was too late?

What the Dickens has changed in you
Scrooge we see the love in you
Now you have the Spirit for Christmas Day
Bah Humbug you say no more
You want to help the sick and poor
To show you’ve got the Spirit for Christmas Day

12. When I awoke I had the chance to say
To everyone a merry Christmas day
Went to visit my nephew
Sat with him and drank a few
Truly Christmas Day can be much fun
I had to visit Tiny Tim
A gift I had to give to him
For years I’ll treat him like my own grandson
We celebrated Christmas Day
Young Tim had the final say
“God Bless us – everyone!”